We foster meaningful brands.

What we do

Halieo is a brand innovation studio.

We specialize in repositioning your brand to engage your audience through meaningful experiences. Our goal is to solve the problem of stagnant branding by engaging users in a way that brings value to their lives in a real and tangible way.

Featured Case Study:

FitCabin is a fitness application simplifying the way people log their runs.

Branding // Product // Web
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Ideation is at the core of what we do. From brand naming to initial product concept, we deliver new ideas that excite.

Our approach:

Halieo’s mission is to add consumer value to your business by expanding and enhancing your brand. We solve the problem of intangible brands by targeting two main areas of your company.


A digital or tangible asset created for your audience to meet a specific need.

web & native applications   //   digital publications   //   print


The overall look & feel of your brand, as well as the message it sends.

websites   //   logos   //   stationery   //   in-store displays   //   packaging


If your business were to disappear tomorrow, would your audience genuinely miss you? They may need your services, but do they want it from your brand specifically?

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